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Successfully running an online shop

Now that our last article is quite a while back, today there is something to my current favorite topic: Ecommerce. There are many factors to consider because it is not easy to sell your products on the internet.

1. The product choice

Of course, the products offered are decisive for the success of an online shop. Niche products that are not widely served by the market are best suited. A good example is billiard requirements in combination with darts and bowling products. Here is a good chance to reach enough sales opportunities. Another example is the Lichteffekte-Onlineshop created by us. The products offered there have hardly any normal department stores in this form.

To test whether your product has a sales opportunity, you can, for example, start an adwords campaign on Google and watch how often the ads are displayed. In the lighting effects shop that is several tens of thousands of flashes per month. If there are enough potential customers, it pays to set up a shop.

2. The design of the shop

For the purchase is crucial to a large extent the impression, which generates the shop. Think about it for a moment, if you order even at badly made shops ... exactly, you do not buy there. Therefore, it is important to follow some rules:

  • In general, bright, friendly colors are more likely to be bought than dark ones. There are topic-specific exceptions like the lighting effects shop. There we have chosen the background as the color black, since most parties take place at night and the products offered to better advantage.
  • The overview must be kept very simple. If a customer has to start looking for something, then something went wrong with the navigation in the shop. The categories must be clearly structured.
  • Fotos! Bearbeiten Sie die Produktfotos und stellen Sie keine Bilder schlechter Qualität ein. Im Internet lassen sich Produkte fast nur über Bilder verkaufen, da der Kunde das Produkte nicht in die Hand nehmen kann, ist er darauf angewiesen, möglichst präzise Bilder zu erhalten.
  • Achten Sie auf die Ladezeit, auch Kunden die nicht über einen Breitbandanschluss verfügen, sind potenzielle Käufer. Eine lange Ladezeit verärgert viele Besucher, in der heutigen Zeit ist speziell auch im Internet, immer ein Zeitdruck zu spüren.
  • Bieten Sie umfangreichen Service an, seinen Sie immer zur Stelle wenn ein Kunde ein Problem hat. Gerade über diesen Punkt kann man die Kunden binden.

3. Werbung für den Shop

A high turnover does not come by itself, targeted advertising is the most important control factor. Advertise in relevant media; especially recommended here are the Adwords on Google. The search engine has over 80% market share in Germany and offers the opportunity to drive a perfectly coordinated marketing campaign. The training does not require much time, the fine tuning, however, all the more. The clicks from the ads are absolutely targeted and promise a high purchase intent.

Another way to promote the shop are partnerships with themed shops. For the respective orders then advertising materials or vouchers for the partner shop are enclosed.

4. Search engine optimization

This topic alone could fill files. But here a short form for all interested:

  • The product names should appear in the page title to achieve a better listing.
  • Inside the shop there should also be interesting texts on the respective topics. The search engine robots need text to properly capture the page and list it under as many terms as possible.
  • Create text descriptions for the products and do not just write one-liners.
  • Convert dynamic URLs to static HTML, integrate the product into this URL (keyword: mod_rewrite).
  • Enter link exchange partnerships. For Google it is a significant criterion if you are linked. (Keyword Pagerank)

If you fulfill these points and implement them consistently, then your shop will almost certainly be a success. In the end, a little self-promotion may not be missing:
If you are interested in an online shop, just contact us, we use the technology of the osCommerce shop and can thus form a perfect basis for your sales.

    Partner gesucht

    digital design is looking for companies with Internet compatible products that are interested in eCommerce. A collaboration could look like this: digital design creates the shop for free and maintains the provided product data in the system. Remuneration is provided by a fair commission system. You as a shop owner therefore carry no financial risk, because only if the products are sold, you pay commission.

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